How to Capture Stunning Photography With the Camera You Already Own

This is an article for beginner photographerd reveals. Have you ever had a beautiful moment slip away as you were too busy trying to find the right camera settings? Full auto mode will never do your scene justice. But using manual mode to capture perfect photos under time constraints is a recipe for disaster. That was my experience before I mastered my camera. It would never capture what I could see in front of me. I was positive I needed better gear.


But what if I told you that there’s a fun and easy way to master photography, regardless of the camera you use? And that you can capture breathtaking photography, with nothing more than the most basic gear. You don’t need a $5,000 camera and lens and you don’t need expensive training. And I’m going to prove it to you.

It's not your camera, it’s how you use it…

Once you understand how a few of your camera’s features work, everything else falls into place very quickly. I used to throw thousands of dollars into fancy camera equipment, in the hopes it would improve my photography.

I was forever missing shots because I was too busy fiddling with my camera. People get impatient; moments pass.

No one ever wanted to wait for me to find the right settings… I usually ended up sticking it back on auto mode and taking the shot.

My photography suffered, my progress slowed, and I was very embarrassed to have all this gear, and nothing to show for it.

But, after many months, I mastered my camera. I developed a process for taking photos that has produced the wonderful shots I’m proud to show off today.

It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting with a DSLR, Mirrorless, or Bridge camera… the process is the same, regardless of what you’re shooting.

1. You don't need top of the line gear
2. Blurry photos were down to me, not my lens
3. Choosing the right settings can be easy

My expensive gear used to sit on the shelf, collecting dust.

But after understanding just a few features of my camera, my knowledge snowballed, and I was taking beautiful photos in no time at all.


Before you leave your house, you already know the camera settings you’re going to use, and your camera is set up and ready to go.

You arrive at the location without a single worry about exposure, white balance, or focus… everything falls into place.

You take photos without a second thought.

Less than a minute later, you've captured a photo so exciting, you won’t stop shooting until all of your batteries are dead.

15 minutes later you’re playing with different compositions to make your photos more striking.

When you’re done, you have a selection of the most breathtaking… crystal clear… and exciting photographs you’ve ever taken.

Sound far-fetched? That’s what I thought too.

But my simple system has enabled me to take the most stunning photos of my life.

Photography comes naturally to me, and I’m confident I can capture beautiful photos in any location.


Introducing: “Photography for Beginners”

“Photography for Beginners” is a High Definition video course on the art of photography. It shows you how to capture magazine quality images without being a pro photographer and without fancy equipment.

We don’t fuss about the gear you have, or even recommend you buy more of it. The “secret” to exceptional photography is how you use it.

Which is why throughout this course, you’ll see me shooting with the Canon EOS Rebel T6 (AKA the 1300D), the cheapest dSLR I could find.

I will show you my process for using cheap gear to capture professional shots.

Some of the skills you're going to gain include:

  • The exact process I use 98% of the time to set up my camera, regardless of what I’m shooting
  • How to select the perfect exposure for any and every scene
  • Why most focus fall flat… and how to make yours crisp and sharp
  • The do’s and don’ts of white balance and colour
  • And much, much more…

Filmed on location in Greece, you’ll be able to follow along as we capture everything from the ordinary, to the extraordinary.

Even if you struggled in school… or aren’t the greatest at grasping new skills… you’re going to be shocked by how easy it feels to absorb this information.

Although I’ve taught a beginner photography course before, this is completely new material, revised and refreshed with incredible production value.

If You Think Manual Mode Is Difficult and Confusing… Think Again.

The best part about manual mode is you can do much more with it than 95% of photographers realise.

There is so much control at your fingertips, and it’s so fast and easy to make adjustments, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

You can take much, much better pictures than you realise. And “Photography for Beginners” shows you how, with…

  • Which shooting mode to use and when
  • How the settings work (not just what they do)
  • A quick way to set your camera up for any scene

We don’t just go into detail on how exposure works… we cover every confusing feature on your camera. From shooting, focus, and metering modes to the histogram, white balance, crop factor and more!


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